I wonder what its like to be me?

This is my life I guess if you want to put it in a series of words, phrases, and pictures. Follow me ask questions about anything I enjoy the attention.
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She is beauty, she is my all, I am her protector, and shall not fall. #wcw


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Then no one shall be hitting anyone up😂
lifedigitized lifedigitized Said:

What do you mean?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Bruh you have a girlfriend 😂
lifedigitized lifedigitized Said:

I have a fiancee actually 


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Hit it up

Early mother’s day dinner :) (at The 19th Hole Bar and Grille)

Pure procrastination

Waiting for mommy #mommyslittleshadow

Getting her hair did #redhead (at Mauricio Fregoso Salon)

Movies with my future wife and the boys. # divergent